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Our Eugene Store

Shop our newly completed ReUse Store at 980 McKinley in Eugene for quality refurbished electronics, office furniture, and more. Plus, every purchase made at the store supports our educational programs that help children, adults, and the elderly gain the skills they need to interact with our technological world.

What we offer

If it plugs in or takes a battery, we probably sell it at our ReUse stores.

Office equipment including desks, chairs, printers, laptops, cell phones, cords and more are available at our stores at a fraction of the new price. Items such as chairs and desks are clean and ready for your use.

Items such as laptops go through a rigorous testing process to ensure that they are user ready. This means that we comply with technology standards to remove past data by the original owner safely and securely, we add new software that's updated valued at about $250 per computer and we even offer a 30-day warranty.

Electronics and small appliances are also available at our stores. Perhaps your office, dorm room, or home needs a new-to-you microwave, we have those starting at $5.00 and up. We also have clocks, stereo equipment, TVs, and more.

See our stores hours here or shop online here.

Who it helps

There are many people in our community who live on the margin. For children whose parents/guardians are struggling financially to keep a roof over their head and food on the table, a computer never makes the list of things to buy. Yet, the children may have homework that is required to be typed and emailed to their teachers. What do they do? Local school districts consider the needs of these families and refer those most in need to NextStep. We then train the child along with their sibling, parent or guardian on how to use the computer and then send it home with them free of charge. It's programs like this that are supported through your patronage at our stores.

Learn more about all our programs here.

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