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Whether you're a representative from your local police department, county office, school district, or other government organization, you probably have items like computers and cell phones that you give away or update from time to time. For items that head to recycling, we work with R2 and eSteward certified recyclers-ensuring your donated ewaste does not end up polluting someone else's backyard. For materials that are going back into our community, we are a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, ensuring that your donation has legally installed software installed.

If you're like many of these organizations, you want to make sure that those items go to a group that can use them such as at-risk kids or persons with disabilities.

NextStep Recycling is the first step to getting these items into the hands of marginalized community members. NextStep will take the computer that you'd like to donate for example, and upgrade its memory, its hardware and software and ensure that your data is safely and securely removed. By bringing your items to NextStep initially, you are making sure that the recipient gets a product that is up-to-date- and usable.

We hear all too often of groups receiving computers that they can't use because they haven't gone through a process to update them, or they are missing cords, or the software doesn't work. The items end up sitting in storage for years and never get used.

Help these deserving recipients use the items you donate, by sending them to NextStep first. We will update them and get them to those in need.

Find out more about how to donate your items through NextStep by contacting us here.

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