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e-Power our Community

NextStep Recycling works closely with school districts to help children and their parent, guardian, or sibling, learn how to use technology in a classroom based setting located at our Digital Literacy Training Center. This center has work stations that include desks, chairs, and computers with basic software installed, including Windows XP, Windows 7 and Linux operating systems. The kids and the family member get to learn how to use technology.

For example, many projects in school require research. Libraries on school grounds are becoming sparse. Where does one research then? On the Internet. If the child doesn't know how to use a web browser to search for items, they will not be able to complete their project. Once they get the information they need, they have to present it in a typed format. This means knowing how to use a word processing software. You can see how this would get awfully overwhelming very quickly for someone who has never used a computer.

We are dedicated to helping both the child and their support person to understanding some of the things that they will need to succeed in our technology-focused world. By including their parent, guardian, or sibling, we are increasing the sphere of influence in their household and thereby hopefully creating a more supporting atmosphere in their homes toward technology. At the end of their training session, they take the computer home with them-- free of charge. We couldn't do this program without your support. Join us in helping kids by donating here.

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