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NextStep has grown from its initial grassroots beginning as a Macintosh computer fix-it-and-pass-it-on resource into a thriving community service organization. Starting in a garage in 1999 and founded in 2002 as MacRenewal, a 501(c)(3) public nonprofit public organization, we are now known as NextStep Recycling. We implement our three-part mission through focused efforts in Lane County Oregon, other areas of the US, and internationally.

  • Educate and empower low income and disadvantaged Oregonians and others by providing refurbished computers that allow access to technology and the Internet;
  • Recycle computer hardware and other electronics in an environmentally sound manner, keeping hazardous waste out of Oregon’s soil and water environments;
  • Provide skill-training opportunities to those who are considered unemployable, are currently underemployed, and/or are people new to the job market; and
  • Offer education to the general public regarding the importance of electronics reuse and recycling and the impact of these kinds of waste on our environment.
  • Accept donations of computers and other electronic equipment, computer-related items, software, and manuals;
  • Refurbish computers and other electronics and places them with people who do not normally have access to this technology;
  • Sell, at an extremely low cost, additional reusable items in our ReUse Store in Eugene. 
  • Sort and dismantle unusable donations for recycling at Pacific Northwest R-2 and eSteward certified facilities, that meet our environmental stewardship standards.

Since 1999, NextStep has accepted donations of hundreds of thousands of computers and other electronic devices. In the process, we have put thousands of pieces of equipment back into use in the community and recycled over 20 million pounds of electronic waste (e-waste). More than 5000 volunteers have donated over 280,000 hours of service refurbishing and recycling computers. 10,000 individuals have enhanced their employment marketability through experiential service learning and extensive training by our staff.

Our Mission
Providing technology and training to children and adults who have barriers to employment and education, while protecting our environment and community from hazardous waste.

Our Vision
Passionate people in service to the world through partnerships, education, training and environmental awareness.

Our Purpose
NextStep provides individuals and groups the opportunity to learn about the impact electronic waste has on our environment and to provide technology to those who do not have access. Access to computers and the Internet and the ability to effectively use this technology are becoming increasingly important for full participation in America’s economic, political and social life.

Our Focus
NextStep recognizes that the ability to use technology is becoming increasingly important in the workplace. Jobs in the rapidly growing information technology sector pay almost 80 percent more than the average private sector wage. NextStep understands that social and economic injustice, racial and ethnic inequality, and ecological loss affect all people. Through cooperative effort, individuals of all cultures can experience and enhance their ability to make a difference in their community and their world. NextStep seeks to create a network of people and organizations committed to addressing the digital divide and the impact electronics waste has on our global environment.

Our Process
NextStep Recycling receives donations of obsolete electronics, including computer hardware, (desktop computers, laptops, handheld games, cell phones, etc), household electronics (clocks, radios, lamps, etc), white (microwaves, stoves, dryers, etc.) and brown (stereos, VCRs, DVD players, etc.) goods. Trainees in our recycling warehouse receive education on the inner workings of computers and other electronic hardware as they participate in our dismantling program. Trainees can also learn how to rebuild computers in our refurbishing program. After a certain period of training, trainees receive a computer to complete the education process. Through our ePower Our Community Partnership program, NextStep gifts computers directly to: children and adults living in foster care, persons experiencing disabilities, family members leaving domestically violent relationships, migrant worker families, under-funded schools and nonprofits.

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